Wenzhou University—online repair
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The following report content please contact major Maintenance company


1, network (network port, socket, cable damage, not on the network, error code) 86680577 (Telecommunications), 565656 (mobile), 28810010 (China Unicom), the education center in 86596097 (776097).

2, fixed telephone: 86596097 (776097).
3, air conditioning: (no refrigeration, no heating, poor effect, air leakage, etc.) 86596076 (776076) of central air conditioning school building 86596055 (776055) of the independent air conditioning system in the teaching area Green School District, D District, the ultra high school district rental air conditioning: 15990740561 (student network 630561), 13777713077 (supervision); The B School District, Xueyuan Road District, back at the beginning of the apartment rental air conditioning: 18058889781 (Office), 18657707700 (supervision).
4, the air source of hot water: (credit card does not have water , water is not hot, etc.) Free phone 400-8010-728.
5, public drinking water machine: teaching area 88333887, Dormitory free telephone 4008010728.
6 coin washing machine: 60013906657621 students, Teacher net 667621.